Friday, September 15, 2006

R.I.P. Two Acuras

I am still in shock that we got our brand new car stolen. Here are two sets of keys that need a car to go with them. I can't bring myself to get ride of the keys to both our stolen cars. It is just so sad.

We flew to Colorado today for a wedding Jon is in on Saturday. Our buddy, Sean, from college is getting married in the mountains of Colorado. He has a lot to live up to because we also got married in Colorado and it was a pretty sweet wedding if I do say so myself. We are here until Sunday morning. We fly out at 6 am Sunday morning back to LA because Jon has to work at 8:30 am (he is the stunt coordinator of a short movie). When he is working I have to move out of the apartment we are living in and store our stuff at our buddies house until October 15th when we move into our new apartment. On Sunday night, Jon has a hockey game and on Monday morning we fly out to Hawaii because Jon has to work out there for a week. I am tagging along because I can and heck it is Hawaii. It will be a busy few days for us. I just hope I can sleep somewhere in the next few days.

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