Monday, September 25, 2006

Just call me Job

Work went great on Friday. I will let you all know when the episode of Monk airs that I am in so you can watch if you want.

I flew back to Hawaii on Saturday. About an hour and a half into the trip I started to not feel great. I went to the bathroom and got sick aka I threw up. I spent the next three hours in the airplane bathroom throwing up every ten minutes. It was AWFUL!!!!! I was so sick. I had food poisoning and bad. The worst part was that I was stuck on an airplane and couldn't go anywhere. Once we landed I was so weak and tired I needed a wheelchair to take me to the baggage claim to meet Jonathan. On the way to baggage claim I threw up in the airport. That was super embarrassing but I was so sick a I didn't even care.

Once we got home I continued to throw up, however I was able to go to sleep. I slept for a few hours and woke up and continued being sick. I couldn't keep anything down. I tried to tough it out before I ended up going to the hospital. It had been 24 hours since I had eaten or drank anything and I was so weak and so dehydrated. In the hospital, they gave me IV, medicine to help me to stop throwing up and pain medicine because my muscle were so sore from not having any fluid in them. It really really sucked. They sent me home last night and I was able to keep some chicken broth down. I think I am finally over it but it was hell. Food poisoning is so violent. I am on the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, apple sauce and tea) for a few days while my stomach recovers. At least I am in Hawaii and I can go lay on the beach while my stomach heals. What a crazy experience. Not only did I have food poisoning but I had to have the worst part of it on the airplane.

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