Friday, September 08, 2006

Apartment Shopping

We have spent most of the week looking for an apartment. It is so time consuming. We are having a heck of a time finding a place and what makes it really hard is we don't know the area very well. Area is so important because you may find a nice apartment inside but there could be bullets whizzing by when you step out your door. What I am finding out is just a few blocks can be the difference between a good area and a bad area. Plus rental prices are really high right now. Even landlords are telling me that. There is an apartment for rent in the building where we are staying that is exactly the same as the one we are in but they want $500 more for the same place. It is just crazy. I really hope to find something soon. I feel like the last 6 weeks of my life I have spent looking for a new car and now a new apartment. I need to free up my time so I can focus on work and training.


Chaun said...

Suck it up sissy pants - just because you hear gunshots every now and again doesn't mean it's a bad neighborhood. Dodge a few bullets = save a few bucks. Are you stunt people or not? Look into a neighborhood that will potentially build your stunt resume'. Besides not all gunfire is purport to violence. Think of it as the old west, people were always shooting their guns in the air with glee. I bet most of the gunfire can be traced back to the Oakland Raiders scoring a touchdown. Oakland is supposed to have a pretty weak football club this year so the net effect will be a severe decrease in the amount of shots fired representing a return to civil order, in which case rents will go even higher - get a place in the sketchy neighborhood now and in six weeks it will be a bargain. Chances of you getting hit by a jovial bullet are very slim at least until NBA season opener. Best of luck though in your search and I can only offer advise I would myself follow, if you want to find a "thing" (car, house, wife, lost child, etc.) quicker, simply lower your standards, works nearly every time.

Warmest regargds, Cousin Chaun

Heather Arthur said...

Thanks for that great advice. If living in a sketchy neighborhood is stunt training then I can use my rent as a tax ride off...right? That just might work. Thanks cousin, I know I can always count on you for sound advice. I guess my next question would be if I did move to the "bad" neighbrhood, how do I not get my brand spanking new car stolen...again...smarty pants?

Aunt Mary said...

Oh my two are so funny!!!