Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I Got an Agent!

Today Jonathan and I got signed with a commercial stunt agent. There are two big main stunt commercial agents and we got signed with one of them. The agent is only for booking us on commercial work. We get our own work for TV and movies (stuntmen are different than actors we only need an agent for stunts for commercials). This is just another avenue for us to work.

I had my second audition on Monday. It was for a movie and I had to pretend to be drunk and dance in a congo line. Acting drunk is tougher than you may think. I didn't want to act too drunk and look like I was acting so I had a friend of mine come over and help me this weekend. I think it was helpful. Jon also went on the audition because they needed a guy too. It was fun because we got to be in the room together and dance together in the congo line. It felt kind of like Ben's wedding except I didn't have my boa :)


Mack said...

Hi there. I'm really enjoying your blog. Megan Saltzman directed me to it and it's been a pleasure to read. Good luck!

Heather Arthur said...

Thanks for reading! It is fun to share my adventures.

sj said...

I bet you knocked it out of the park - half the time I see you I think to myself, "H must be drunk!"

BTW - the slideshow didn't work, can you send over email?

BTW 2.0 - what's up with the heatherarthur.com domain?

Heather Arthur said...

What slidshow are you talking about? I thought my domain was set up to renew automatically. I guess it wasn't. I just set it up so it should be working again soon.