Monday, March 26, 2007

My Work on Lost

I was on Lost a few weeks ago (3/7/07) and I worked on the one that aired 3/14/07 but I was working when they aired and didn't have a chance to post pictures of what I did.

On the episode that aired 3/7/07 called Enter 77 I was doubling Kate when she was a attacked by Bea Klugh from behind the clothes rack. We wrestled around on the ground and then Klugh got the gun. I could only wear knee pads when I was tackled because of the wardrobe so when I hit the boxes then hit the ground I had to make sure not to slam my elbows on the cement. Falling on my own is easier than falling with someone else. You don't exactly know what they are going to do and on this stunt I was basically just going for the ride since Klugh's stunt double tackles me. Here is a picture of me and the other stunt double from the stunt.

On the episode that aired 3/14/07 called Par Avion I was flown out to double Kate in the scene shown in the picture (not me in the picture,it is Evi) where she climbs over on a tree. I rehearsed the stunt for camera and made sure it was safe but Evi actually did this stunt for camera. She did a great job and like I tell her she is a stuntwoman at heart. (BTW this was the scene they flew me out right before Christmas and I had to cancel a family Christmas party.)

I will try to be more timely in informing you all about when I am on and what I did.


RichardAM said...

The fight scene in "Enter 77" was written and performed well- it was so fast and it always seemed like it could swing either way for the characters. Similarly though, the scene of Evi tree climbing in the following episode was equally tense- it looked like it could fall at any minute!

DarkUFO said...

Hi Heather,

Love the blog.

I run a large Lost site (

and wondered if you wouldn't mine contacting me via email.


Heather Arthur said...

You just never know how they are going to edit it. It is amazing how much a fight can change from what you do and what they use. We shot more stuff for that fight but I think for time sake they cut it out. I don't know for sure but that is often what they do in television. Thanks Richardam for the nice words.

Kjell said...

I have been amazed looking back at your blog. Pretty impressive work. I wondered if that scene climbing up the pole was a stunt double (YOU!). Thanks for answering that question. And keep up the GREAT work. What's the Lost cast like?

Anonymous said...

Kjell she said that wasn't her going up the pole it was Evi. She said she practiced it but eventually Evi did it.

I think it sucks that they flew you out and you didn't do it. They should make sure the actors can do it before interrupting your life. I hope you still got paid though lol Great Blog!

Nice to see Dark spares no expense for getting contacts :P lol

Erin Smith said...

That fight scene sounds like a lot of fun, but the thought of smacking your elbows on the ground-Ouch!

Heather Arthur said...

Anonymous, I get paid weather I do the stunt or not. I happy super happy to get paid to fly to Hawaii and not actually have to work. It makes the days we get out butt kicked balanced out.

Thanks for the comment! Heather