Monday, March 05, 2007

Doubling a double

Remember two weeks ago when I went on my first audition for a small stunt actor role? I ended up doubling the lady they they hired for that part. They were running two units at the same time so they needed one girl for one unit and one for another. It was really funny to double another stunt girl. I had to wear this awful wig and she said she now knows what actors may feel like when there doubles wig don't look anything like them. The wig was so bad on the set when people would look at me they got this big smile on their face and I could so tell they were laughing at me. I had fun day of work.

Last week Jon worked on rigging for motion capture. Motion capture according to wikipedia is "a technique of digitally recording movements for entertainment, sports and medical applications." They put people in wires and record their movement. The day he worked they were recording it for a video game. He had a fun day and I know he learned a ton.

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