Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A week of firsts

I worked for Sarah Connor Chronicles (SCC)on Monday and Jon did motion capture (they asked me to do it on Monday but I was already working), on Tuesday both Jon and I worked on motion capture. It was my first time doing motion capture. You have to wear this suit with little balls velcroed to the suit. We were doing movement, like walking, sitting, sitting with crossed legs, walking with a purse... for a video game. They then take that movement and use it for the people in the video game. Once the game comes out in a few years all the people you see in the game walking around or whatever will be Jon and I. It is actually really cool.

Today Jon is going on two auditions for commercials. Tomorrow I will be working on two different shows in the same day getting two contracts. I have never done that before. I am working on CSI:NY which is my first time working on that show and SCC. I will be doing a rachet (I have never done one of those before) which I am super excited about. A rachet is hooked up to air pressure which when released with propell me through the air. I will wear a jerk vest that will be connected to a cable which then is connected to a large crane that I will be pulled towards.

On Friday, I am doing my first air ram for camera. Last year Jon and I learned how to use them. If you remember from my post last year, you step on the air ram and using air pressure you are shot into the air not using any cable. Think of it like a gymnastics vault using air pressure as its power. It is pretty sweet. I have a busy week with some big stunts, working on new shows and having so much fun!

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