Sunday, October 07, 2007


Last Fall Jon worked on the movie The Heartbreak Kid doubling Ben Stiller, which opened this weekend. He was Ben Stiller's stunt double for some driving scenes in the movie. We went to the screening (they show the movie for the cast and crew before the movie opens, it is different than a premier) for the movie last week. (The pictures are from when he worked on the movie. The girl next to him is the actresses photo double which is different than a stunt double. If it was dangerous driving like a car chase or anything fast then they would have used a stunt double for the girl instead, but they were just cruising along for some helicopter shots so a photo double is sufficient. The driver is almost always a stunt double.)

I worked most the week on the Sarah Connor Chronicles which went great. It is a fun show to work on. I am also working this week on that show. I just love to work!

Jon flies out to New York on Tuesday for a few dasy to work on Law and Order: SVU. Busy busy!

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