Friday, August 24, 2007

Work Today

I worked on the TV show Scrubs today. What a fun show to work on. The actors were so nice which on some shows is so not the case. It was my first time working on that show and everyone was just having a good time. It is strange how every show you work on is so different. I guess it is that way in the outside world too, every office has a different culture and feel. I never know when I go work on a new show what to expect. You don't know if you are walking into a stressful hurry up crazy environment or a having a good time laughing environment. I was a stunt actress (no lines) meaning I was just playing my self and not doubling anyone, so you will see me on camera and not have to use the slow motion to see my face. I decided to come to work with straight hair this time so they wouldn't make me have big hair like they did on my commercial. They gave me a side ponny tail, ,not kidding but it worked out and looked fine.

I am only in one scene but it was a fun morning (I only had to work 4 hours today). It is days like today where I just love my job. I think the episode airs around November 15th but I will let you guys know for sure so you can watch. I will write more about my day once the show airs.

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