Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Show Last night

I was on Lost three times last night. Did you see me all three times? If you haven't scene the episode and plan to stop reading I don't want to spoil anything for you. Here is a picture taken of me and the other stunt girl after the fight in the rain and after working all night. We were very cold and very wet but we really had a good time.

It this picture I had to do a standing front flip to my back hand cuffed on to the cement. The only thing I was really nervous about was not getting high enough and hitting my head since I can't get any momentum. It turned out great and I only had to do it twice. If you go slow motion you can see that I was wearing a back bad so I didn't break my ribs.

The third picture is our big fight in the rain. They ended up cutting half of the fight out in the editing room, which is very normal for TV. It is always hard to see how they edited fights because when you do it you picture it differently. I still think it told the story.

The last stunt I honestly can't tell if it is me or Evie. We both did it a few times and I can't tell if it is her or me. I guess that is a good thing if I can't even tell if it is me or not. This was a super fun stunt. I loved rolling around in the mud.


Anonymous said...

When watching the flip I almost screamed "Hey, that must be Heather! Ouch that had to hurt!" hehe.

Great stunts Heater, they all looked awesome =)

Melissa said...

I thought the same thing when I saw the clip preview on Monday. I was wondering were there two stunt people doing the flip? Didn't know if Elizabeth flipped ya.

Heather Arthur said...


Elizabeth also had a stunt double who I worked with in all these scenes. She is actually the same stunt double who double Jennifer Garner in Alias. She is an amazing stunt person and it was an honor to work with her.

Erin Smith said...

When I saw the backflip I was like. "ow, that's gotta hurt for wait-thats gotta hurt for heather." lol

You get to do some amazingly cool stuff.

amy said...

Hello, I somehow stumbled into your blog and skimmed through few old posts. I'm studying computer science in college for the moment (boring, but girl's gotta pay the loan bills after grad, u know?), but I'm hoping to move into movie production after a few years, so it was very encouraging to read of someone else who "gave up" their college degree to pursue something they love, and taking God with them every step of the way. Unfortunately, it's hard to see God in many people's lives these days. Anyway, I hope you stay saaaaafe!

Tonia said...

I also thought of you when I saw that flip. You are so cool Heather. If I had tryed to do that I would be in the ICU! You really are perfect for the job you have chosen.

Heather's Brain said...

From one Heather to another,

I have to say reading your blog as often as I can has really been a fun ride! Oh, to live vicariously through you...on second thought, I will just read about bruises that way! :)

Keep it up, the world seems to be watching!