Sunday, April 29, 2007


I got back in LA yesterday from both South Carolina and New Jersey. We had a nice time visiting Jon's family. I didn't realize how many alligators there are in South Carolina. They are just hanging out on the golf course while you play. I am not a huge fan of alligators. I think of them as really really big spiders with large teeth. (this is a picture of an alligator Jon took on his camera phone while he was golfing)

We drove from SC to NJ on Friday morning and on Friday night we went to a Third Eye Blind (great 90's music) in the middle of no where in New Jersey in this small little venue. It brought back so many good high school memories.

Unfortunately, the show Drive that I worked on a bunch was cancelled after only airing three episodes. Apparently, they aren't even going to air the rest of the shows that we filmed. I guess that is show biz. It is a bummer because that was some good work and a good show.

The movie Next that both Jon and I (I doubled Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel when their regular doubles weren't available)worked on last summer opened this weekend. We haven't had a chance to go see but I looks pretty good.


Melissa said...

That's what I hate about watching new shows. Once you get involved, they get cancelled. I'm sure you'll find something to work on. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job as Kate (on Lost).

Erin Smith said...

aw it's a shame that they cancelled it. They always do that to more good shows than bad.

I will watch "Next" when it comes out here and try to spot you =)