Saturday, May 31, 2008


Whenever people find out I do stunts I get one of two answers, you guys are crazy or I have always wanted to do stunts and think that is so cool. To those who think we are crazy, they are right. However, I think people who sit behind a desk all day are equally as crazy. To those who want to do stunts, next time you look down a flight of stairs think about running and throwing your self down those stairs over and over again because the camera man keeps missing the shot or next time a car drives by you as cross the street think about getting hit by that car. That is how I and many other stunt professionals see the world.

I have been in rehearsals all week for a big fight. I can't give details but let me just say it will be brutal and I mean brutal. I am so sore and beat up just from rehearsing and walking through it with pads on and in my work out cloths. Sometimes I stop and think about what I am doing and think it is crazy that I get paid to do this. To those out there who want to do stunts we are all a little crazy but I wouldn't want it any other way.

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