Saturday, May 03, 2008

Online at last!

Sorry I have been MIA but life has been crazy and finding an Internet connection has not been easy. We have spent the past three weeks working non stop and traveling all over the country (NY, Rhode Island, LA, New Jersey and Utah) and the few seconds we had at home we were dealing with paper work for the new house and packing. When I was in Utah last weekend Jon with the help of some great guys moved us into our new house. I was so sad I wasn't here for the move HA! I was working hard on a TV pilot which I hope gets picked up because the girl I was doubling will have tons of action, I am a great double for her (her mom took pictures and called us twins), she is the nicest sweetest actress I have worked with so I would love to work with her again.

We love our new house! It weird being a home owner I really do feel like a grown up, not sure if that is a good thing. Jon is installing wood floors down stairs and I have been busy attempting to take off the awful wall paper. I am so not good at stuff like that. You want me to get hit by cars, play football no problem but working on and decorating a house I am terrible. Thank goodness for a great mom and mother in law who have been helping via the phone. I am begging them to come visit aka help me. I don't think I will have to beg to hard.

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