Friday, May 16, 2008

Jon Earns his strips

There are days in every stuntman's career that you will feel the rest of your life. Last Tuesday was one of those days for Jonathan. He spent the whole day getting rocked by other stunt guys wearing shorts and a t-shirt so he was only able to where a few pads. He was doubling Paul Rudd on a new movie called I Love You, Man. Jon was basically a human rag doll. One of the stunts he did is called a pin wheel where you jump in the air and one guy hits you from the top and another guy hits you from the bottom and you go head over heal before you land. He did this six times and then proceeded to a full day of getting his butt knocked around. When he came home he had imprints on his back from where his pads tore into his skin. It is days like that that make stuntmen stuntmen. He cowboyed up as we say in the business. Everyone says they want to be a stuntman until they are faced with those kind of days. This was Jon's day to prove himself as a kick ass stuntman and I am proud of him.

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