Monday, May 05, 2008

Working Tomorrow

Tomorrow I am working on Monk doubling a guest star. I worked on this show about a year and half ago so it will be fun to work on it again. I was supposed to work at the motion capture studio but it is just doing demonstration of how their technology works so I am having Chris, Jon's brother take my place. Chris is staying with us and helping us fix up our house, so giving him a day of paid work makes me feel like it is worth his time to be here. He worked with me last week filling in for Jon doing the same thing because Jon was working on Avatar, a James Cameron movie.

The house work is coming along well. We finished the wood floors today and they look really good. Now we have to paint and do the molding and the living room will be done. My mom is flying in Wednesday to help do some work around here like taking down the ugly wallpaper, painting and working outside. It will be great to have her here.

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