Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Work Pictures

I hope you guys watched my fun fight on Friday night on Ghost Whisperer. In cased you missed it, I did a fight that was suppose to take place inside a computer game. Since we were supposedly in the video game we shot the whole fight on green screen. Here is a picture of me doing a ratchet (an air pressure thing that yanks you powerfully through the air). Because I was doing the fight in stilettos and a bustier it made some of the stunts in the fight a bit more difficult. When I was doing my ratchet the jerk vest (a type of harness you wear that they attach the cable to) was a special kind that didn't go over my shoulders so it didn't spread the power out over my body it basically pulled my whole body from my ribs. On the first rehearsal I thought it cut me in half. We ended up putting something in between my body and the harness that helped but let me tell you the first one was a dosy. Next time I know and as dad says "live and learn or you don't live long." I stand by that.

Also it is not easy doing a double kick back flip in giant stiletto heals. It throws your whole weight distribution out of wack. It was fun though. Here are a few pictures from the fight.BTW did I mention how great Jennifer Love is to work with. She really is an amazing person!

Did you watch Terminator this week? If you did, did you see the two terminators fighting? The other terminator was a stunt girl who is also a contortionist. She is amazing and her body can do some crazy stuff. Summer (the actress) ended up doing most of the fight on film. I would rehearse it and set it up for cameras but Summer did most of it on film. She is great and the fight turned out really good. Here is a picture of me in Terminator make up. It was fun make up to wear.


Heather Arthur said...

Your picture is great! Almost as good as mine!

Christopher said...

Great photos. I watch Ghost Whisperer and never would have guessed your were doubling (I guess your just that good, lol) Stay safe this Holiday season. Tonia