Sunday, October 26, 2008

Busy Weekend

My cousin and his wife were in town this weekend from Seattle. We had a very busy time. We took them to Disneyland, a party at a friends house, a benefit wine/cheese tasting party, a comedy show, Hollywood Haunt (a Halloween Party in Hollywood thrown by the one and only V), and gave them the full LA tour. It was fun. We gave them a taste of a normal weekend with Jon and Heather.

Here is a picture from the Hollywood Haunt Halloween party (it is a very candid picture the photographer at the party took). It was great fun however it feels like Halloween in Hollywood is just an excuse for girls to dress skanky. As for me, I dressed up like a little kid and whore my onesy pj's (you know what little kids where with the feet built in and the zipper that starts below your knee, you know you whore it as a kid) and Jon was a guido from New Jersey. We didn't have much time to prepare costumes so this is what we came up with. It was a good time!


Anonymous said...

Why did you whore it up in your pj's as a kid??? You're not supposed to be a whore until you're at least 20 or so. Stop being such a whore.


V-random said...

Was awesome seeing you guys there! Can't wait til next year's! - v