Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Lost Tonight

I am on tonights season premier of Lost so be sure to watch.


Heather's Brain said...

I was watching...what were you doing? I AM SOOOOOO GLAD IT IS BACK!!!!

Are the writer's getting back to work soon? Let us know when you start back to work so we know life is back to normal again.

I have been praying for it to resume soon for you two!

Heather Arthur said...

I was doubling Kate when Naomie jumped out of the tree and tackled Kate. I was the girl Naomie's stunt double jumped on.

No word on when the writers will be back to work we hope soon!

Heather's Brain said...

hey you. I also wanted to let you know I watched the CLOVERFIELD movie on opening day. I have to tell you it is a BIIIIGGG deal for me to attend a theater on opening night, regular priced shows! I usually wait either until it goes to DVD or if it is special enough, I MIGHT go to the dollar showing place.

THIS ONE WE WERE WAITING FOR!!! I nearly cried I was so scared and that hasn't happened since I was VERY little!

I of course have no idea what work was yours or Jons but that i think is a good thing!

Glad to be able to say Hey, I wonder if Heather did that shot?

keep it up! if the writers let ya :)