Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hawaii and Work

Well on Tuesday I flew to Hawaii for my family reunion. There are 16 of us here enjoying all Hawaii has to offer (snorkeling, scuba diving, body boarding...). Unfortunately and fortunately on Monday afternoon when we were getting everything ready to leave Jon got a job to coordinate an indi movie so last minute he canceled his trip to Hawaii to stay home to work. Like they say you want to work just plan a vacation. The movie is called Weather Girl.

I also thought I would mention that Jon and I both worked on the new movie Cloverfield that comes our this week. So if you see it stay till the end and you will our name in the credits. I haven't seen it yet because the screening is this week and I am in Hawaii.


Heather's Brain said...

My oldest son and I are having a "date night" to go see this tonight! We will both be looking for your names!!!!

Congrats on Jon's job but sorry about him missing the reunion. Hopefully you get the next call and the writer's get what they want!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the movies, sorry about the trip hopefully you will get to the next one. Its a beautiful time to go Bodyboarding in hawaii.