Monday, February 25, 2008

The Acadamy Awards

Did you all watch the Oscars last night? I always enjoy watching the fun show, however I couldn't help but wonder why stunts are still not part of the awards. When you watch the clips they use for the movies when they are announced often times they use the stunts even if the movie is a drama.

It was great they included stunts for the first time at the SAG awards so perhaps the Oscars will be next. I know we have been fighting for it for years but in Hollywood stunts are sort of like the red headed step child (aunt marry this is nothing against red heads it is just a saying :). By giving us an award they blow the whistle that the actors don't do their own stunts and I do understand keeping the allure there. The least they should do is give an award for 2-unit director (they are often ex-stuntmen who direct all the action i.e. car chases, fights, ratchets...). They give it to the guy who directs the actors who say lines but on some movies that is only part of the story the action can be equally important. I will get off my soapbox now :)

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