Sunday, September 07, 2008

On the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday Night

I am working on the MTV Video Music Awards that air live tonight. I am not doing anything crazy but it should be a really fun day of work. Award shows are always fun. I am in the Pink (the singer) performance so look for me however I really doubt you will be able to see me. I am going to be in punk rock cloths which is very much out side my element so it will be like Halloween. I am excited!


Chris and Tara Clingman said...

So, I "think" I saw you. Were you walking behind her like behind a girl w/ a hat on while Pink was walking on up to the stage? I thought it looked like you but am not sure. let me know.

Heather Arthur said...

That was totally me! Nice work. I will post pictures tomorrow when I am not so tired.