Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation time!

Jon and I have been working like crazy this year with little time off and have decided to take a vacation. We are headed to Europe for 2 weeks! I am so excited. With buying a new house, fixing it up and working I am so in need of a vacation. It is hard to turn work down for a vacation (it is my first time turning work down for personal reasons ever!) but I guess you have to do it. In our jobs we don't get 2 weeks paid vacation or anything like that. You only get paid when you work.

We leave tomorrow and start our trip off in London then Paris, Cannes (southern France), Monaco, Florence (staying in Tuscany), Rome and that is just the first 8 days. From Rome we head to Marbella Spain for a week on the Mediterranean in a villa.

I am especially excited to go back to Spain because we will be staying only 30 miles away from Malaga where I decided Jon was the man for me. The summer before we were married we lived in Malaga for the summer and lived in a youth hostel and had the most amazing time. I have a couple of restaurants I am really excited about going back to.

There are 4 of us going on the trip, Jon, me, Rita Jon's mom and our friend Amy. It will be Jon with three ladies traveling around Europe. It should be an amazing adventure! I will be sure to share pictures and stories once I get back.


Lexie said...

Hey you know if you need a tour guide in London I can show you where the good shops are...and..that's about it ha! Do the open top bus tour, it's hilarious! x

Laura Raben said...

Heather - its great to read how well you and John are doing! I'm totally jealous that you will be back in Spain. Enjoy your brochetas de pollo at El Gaucho. (I assume this is one of the restaurants that you'll head back to)

Have fun!