Thursday, November 20, 2008

Work VS Life?

When I was in the business world sitting behind a desk this question was easy, life. However, in show biz this question is a bit more complicated. In our jobs we don't usually work everyday. Works seems to come and go, sometimes you are so busy and other times you are wondering if the phone will ring again. It is a very strange world to live in.

I turned down thousands of dollars of work to go to Europe in September. Some may think that is crazy but I choose to live my life. However, I got a call to work Wednesday before Thanksgiving meaning my plans I had made to fly to see family would have to be changed for work.

Would you change your holiday plans for a few thousand dollars? It is a tough question. One I have to deal with often. It seems I end up putting a price tag on my time. You have to make plans knowing they may be changed. When I went to Europe in September no amount of money would have made me miss my trip. In this economy you really have to take work when it comes. I feel very very very blessed to have a home and not be worried about paying my bills. This type of live makes it very hard to make plans.

One of my friends almost missed his wedding because he got a staring role in a huge movie. What would you do? I choose life but sometimes you have to balance that with work. I don't need millions and millions I just need my family, God and my husband the rest just falls into place, but that is just my priorities. I have learned in my 27 years money doesn't buy happieness but it can take you to Europe and help you buy a house.

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