Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Robbed again...and again...and again...and again

I am so over being robbed. Today my friend and I went on a hike and when we go back to my car, the window was broken and both of our purses where stolen. (BTW my purse was hidden under the seat) Yeah everything gone, my drivers license, my social security card (don't tell me I shouldn't keep my ss card and driv. license together I know but I had to because I just worked and you need both pieces of ID for the employment paperwork), over a thousand dollars in cash and check and gift cars, my fancy make up, my Burburry glasses, my great purse, all my credit cars, my insurance cards, and on and on and on...

I have had two cars stolen and now my car broken into and my purse stolen twice. That makes 4 times having thousands of dollars stolen from me. Not counting last month when Jon was in Hawaii working on Lost he put his per deim and wedding ring in the safe of the hotel room and they were stolen. I am sooooooo over being robbed. It really pisses me off. I work so hard for my money and to have it taken from me by slimy people who don't work for it is the worst feeling.

I will be spending the rest of the week doing all the work that comes with having your world stolen, new drivers license, new ss card, new credit cards, file an alert the with credit companies in case they try to steel my ID, new glasses and contacts, new purse, cancel the checks I had in my purse, get my window of my SUV fixed, and on and on... fun times.

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Tara Clingman said...

Oh Heather, I am so sorry. I will keep you in my thoughts as you have to go through the rest of this week with this stress.