Monday, May 04, 2009

Obsessed stuff

I hope you all went and watch Obsessed! It was number 1 the weekend it came out. Here a picture from the high fall into the glass table I did. This was take three of the fall and the last shot of a 17 hour day which I was in every shot and the last day of the movie. I was pretty beat up at this point from the fight and bloody from the glass I was laying in . You can tell from the look on my face I was tired and worn out. I think I slept for a week straight after we wrapped. I still have a scar on my arm from this take from the glass. We were only suppose to do this shot twice but on the first take all 5 cameras missed my fall so I had to do it again which I was fine with because more times equals more money!

The other picture is of me rehearsing the fall through the ceiling, chandelier stuff and the fall into the table.

This was such a great movie to work on. I really had to push myself to my limits but I has such an amazing time. Here is an interview where Ali talks about the stunt work and mentions me. It is about 30 seconds into the video.

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