Monday, May 11, 2009


This Friday I do a stair fall on Ghost Whisperer doubling a guest star but I also double Jennifer in the episode in a different scene.

This Saturday is the World Stunt Awards which is the stunt community awards show aka our Oscars. It is always a fun time and usually it is televised on one of the cable channels like A&E but due to the economy our sponsors cut back on the funding. It still will be a fun time and is always followed by a great party.

On Sunday we are headed to Lake Havasu AZ to work on a movie called Piranha 3-D. Both Jon and I will be working on the film off and on for the next month. We both are doing a couple different things. Jon is doubling one of the stars and is playing himself in a big water scene and I was cast as a cheerleader and will also be doing some water stuff as just a college girl. It should be fun! We always have a great time working together but being on location ends up feeling like a vacation with some work thrown in there.

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