Friday, February 25, 2005

Accidents Happen

Last night on the way to the gym Jon and I decided to take out the garbage. We were in separate cars because I had to leave early to meet some friends. Jon was in the Integra in front of me. I had the garbage in my trunk. He pulled the e-brake, got out of his car (leaving the door open) and came back to my car to help me unload the garbage (like a nice husband). When we turned around the Integra was rolling down the hill it was "parked" on. Jon took off in a full sprint to try and catch the car. As he made a leap for the opened car door he fell just inches short and slid across the road.

The car rammed right into the side of another parked car. It seemed like it happened in slow motion. The car that was hit was undriveable because the front of the Integra hit the tire and bent the axel. As it sank in what had just happened we decided to call the insurance company. Once we got off the phone with them we called to police. They told me they wouldn't come out because it happened on private property (parking lot of our apartment).

The next task was to try and figure out who owned the car. We figured this would be better than to simply leave a note. The first door we knocked on happened to be the owner. He was shocked as you can imagine but all in all was very nice.

Jon is ok. He has some major scratches and has a hurt wrist. It appears that the high performance brakes we recently put in need some time to warm up to work proberly. What a night...

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