Sunday, February 05, 2006


Part of being a stunt person is hustling, a craft which I have been learning about this week. Fortunately, Jon and don't need to hustle work yet but there will come a time when this much needed skill is necessary. Hustling is needed when you are not working. Basically you go on to a set and either introduce yourself to the stunt coordinator if you don't know them, or say hi and just check in if you know them. The reason for this is to keep top of mind in the stunt coordinator's mind. Coordinators are always hiring people and if they need someone 5' 10'' and 165 lbs and you were just on set they may think of you over someone else.

At this point we have jobs so this isn't really necessary for Jon and I. However, it is important for Jon and I to meet different stunt coordinators so in the future when we do need work they will already know us. The best part is we are not going to sets looking for work, we are just going to introduce ourselves. I guess this is where my expensive business degree comes in, good networking skills.

Here are a few basic rules I have learned about hustling from wise older stunt men (mostly dad): 1. Don't walk up on a set with your head shot in your hand. The coordinator knows why you are there and if they are interested they will ask you for a head shot. 2. Don't talk about work basically just fluff talk. People want to hire people they get along with, not annoying people who just talk work. 3. Don't come out and ask for work. Again they know why you are there. 4. Treat the set like it is the coordinator's home. Don't just help yourself to craft service because it is sitting there, wait to be invited. 5. Don't over stay your welcome. Know when to leave.

I am learning so much out here. It has been a successful trip so far. Later on this week we are meeting with an old friend of my dads, who is a stunt coordinators, to do some stunt training. We are also going to Disneyland with my family who is flying down from the Pacific Northwest. It should all be very fun.

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