Monday, January 10, 2005

Blogger claims he predicted the earthquake in the Inidan Ocean

Did a blogger predict the major earthquake in the Indian Ocean that occurred on December 26 last September? He may have. I just came across this press release that discusses this strange phenomenon. You can also check out the post on his blog where he predicts the earthquake. It could be a scam but it is kind of interesting.


Anonymous said...

I vote scam. His blog is a spam blog. All the posts are on Texas Holdem or MLM or other spam topics. It's trivial to backdate a blog posting to any date. He's just trying to generate publicity for his spam site.

Dan Sherman said...

I'm afraid not, my friends. This is Dan Sherman. The owner of It's not a spam blog. I write about business opportunities. It's a legitimate blog and I haven't backdated anything. Those posts were posted on the dates they were posted. Send an email to blogger to find out for yourself.

Dan Sherman