Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Words from a soldier

My friend is fighting in Afghanistan with the military. Here is the most recent letter he sent out. Enjoy!
Just some information that I would like to put out about what is really
going on over here. Just FYI, this information is coming from a
reliable source....Me, who actually see what is really happening

The Headlines the media didn't report but should have:

1) $10,000 in medical books donated to Afghanistan University in local
province by United States Army soldiers and Doctors

2) Two Mosques rebuilt with donated supplies, equipment,with the
help of American Soldiers and local nationals.

3) Over one-hundred Koreans donated to local mosques by American Soldiers

4) 8-year old Afghan girl MEDEVAC to US Army Hospital to repair foot
that was blown up after stepping on mine left by Taliban/Al Quaida (She
is recovering nicely and will be up on her feet within the next month,
because a United States Physician Assistant and a SF Medicgot to her
quickly, and got her to the hospital by Helo in record time)

5) Over 250 books, pens, paper and pencils given to Local Afghan boys
and girls for school that was built by American Soldiers and Local
Nationals (Kind of a thrill when they come running to the side of road,
both boys and girls waving their Text books as the go walk to school)

6) Over 750 Afghan Nationals treated at Special Forces Medical Clinic

7) Another Platoon of Afghan Security Force (ASF)graduated from
Special Forces trainingcamp and joins their company at their Border
Control Point (BCP) to protect their country against terroists.

8) Classes by American Soldier taught 3-days a week to Afghan soldiers
to improve reading and writing skills

9) 12 Terroist stopped by ASF as they try to infiltrate into

Not bad headlines that the media neglects to print...and oh by the way
this was a slow WEEK for accomplishments that your soldiers do on a
regular basis.

Just thought it was some information that you would want to read that
the media doesn't think is news worthy.

Thanks for fighting for out freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with the soldiers.

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