Monday, July 25, 2005

Aloha Hawaii!

After much prayer and contemplation, Jonathan and I have decided to take my dad up on his offer of moving to Hawaii to learn how to be stunt people. The reactions from loved ones has been very split and the past couple of days have been very hard for us(especially me).

We don't enter into these major life changes easily, however we feel like this is where we should go. Who knows where this path will lead us, but it is an adventure and we are excited to find out.

I know not everyone agrees with our decsions. I ask that everyone pray for us but remember that at one time I am sure you have all done things that not everyone has agreed with. Sometimes they turn out to be bad decisions and sometimes they turn out to be good decisions . If you don't try you can't find out. We are adults and like it or not we have to make adult decisions even when people we love may not agree. We just can't make everyone happy even though I wish we could.

Thank you to those who have helped us make this tough decision and guided us through the pros and cons. We are excited and can't wait to see what lessons God has before us. Stay tuned to hear more. For now, pray that I can survive the next two weeks and that God prepares our heart for the next chapter in our lives.


Jersey Mom said...

Dear Heather & Jon,

There is no doubt in my mind that if either of you set your mind to something you will make it happen and as a team you are unstoppable. You are both hard working, energetic and very intelligent type A personalities that always give 110%(I can brag, I'm the Mom!).

The decision that you have made to pursure opportunties in Hawaii will take you further from me in miles (and I thought you were too far already)but closer to my heart as I see you bloom into the strong productive individuals I know you are.

My prayer for you is that you continue to love, support and take care of each other as you have for the past three years, but more importantly, be happy. Be happy with yourselves, your decisions, your new experiences and your new relationships and never forget that we (Chris, Carissa, Daniel and myself) love you very much and will always here for you, no matter what!

Love you....Mom

Anonymous said...

Your brother in Oregon also agrees with your decision. Both of you will do great and what an opportunity!!! You would be shorting yourselves if you didn't go. Now at least we can visit you somewhere fun. Take care and keep in touch. steve

Mallory said...

Hi Heather and Jon!

Although I have heard so much about you guys, I have still yet to meet you. Kent and I were in Jersey when we heard about the stunt offering. We said go for it, so its good to see you are! Hope to meet you soon!


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Heather Arthur said...

Thanks all for the great encouragement. We are so excited!