Friday, January 13, 2006

Homeless in Honolulu

The few days before I left Hawaii for Christmas vacation, our landlord on Ohau asked us to move out because her son had been badly injured and he desperately needed a place close to home to stay. After much negotiation (and all of Decembers rent back) we agreed which left us homeless in Ohau. We still have our place in Kona but when we are working in Ohau we don't have a place to live. We have spent the past week looking for something and are having such a tough time. The renters market just stinks over here. We have a few leads (as of this morning) and are hoping we can having something soon. In the mean time we are living in Hotels and on our friends floor.

Did you manage to watch the recap episode of Lost on Wednesday. Both Jon and I were in it a few times which means, yes we get paid again for the stunts. Yeah! I just love getting paid and not having to work. (Picture: This is a veiw when I was writting on my blog, from one of our friends house where we have been sleeping on the floor. Not a bad place to stay.)

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Tyler Knott said...

Why aren't you surfing those little breaks?