Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We Won Best Drama!

How good was Lost tonight? Every time I read a script I just love it. It is even better to watch. I guess that is why we won Best Drama at the Golden Globes on Monday. We really do have an awesome group of people who work on the show both on camera and behind the camera. I feel honored to work on such a great show. My only concern is where do I go from here?

We finally have a place live! We have a great place in Downtown Waikiki. It is awesome. We move in on Friday. I can't wait to not be living out of a suite case and on friends floors or hotel rooms. We will be able to walk two blocks to the beach and surf or boogie board when ever we want. I can't wait.

We had some friends visiting us the past couple of days. It has been fun to have company. We did some of the tourist stuff that we haven't had a chance to do. We went to the Pearl Harbor Memorial, the Dole plantation, watched the surfers on the giant waves in the North Shore, and lots more. (Picture: I couldn't resist putting on the ridiculous picture we took at the Dole Plantation. From left to right: Jon, Me, Sarah and Eric)

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