Saturday, December 09, 2006

Different Coasts

When I flew out to Hawaii on Wednesday to work on Lost, Jon flew out to New York to work on Law and Order SVU. We were excited to get the call for him to work on a new show. His stunt went well and he had a great day of work. My stunt also went well and it was fun to see all my friends from Lost. I had a nice time in Hawaii but was so busy I didn't get to enjoy Hawaii like I wanted to.

When we fly for work the production company must fly us first class in accordance to our union rules. I must say it is so nice to fly first class.

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sj said...

My production company makes me do the same thing for work. Except "production company" means "my wife" and "the same thing" means "take the train" and "work" means "grocery store to buy Triscuits."

I'm so cold...