Friday, June 17, 2005

Boulder, Colorado is in the news...again

Big shocker, my alma-mater college town, Boulder, Colorado leads the nation in marijuana use. I could have told you that. After living there for a few years while going to the University of Colorado, it was very evident the whole town seemed to be stoned. This does explain the cloud that lingered over the town. That is why I stuck to the Business school where they just drank a lot of martinis. Go BUFFS! or should I say PUFFS? (I couldn't resist)


Jonathan said...

I think that's the best post you've written to date. Funny, witty, with a touch of personal insite, all wrapped up in a well-versed package. BAM! You go girl.

NanaMary said...

Oh my...this was so are so witty...(I agree with Jonathan). Thanks for the laugh.