Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dangerous Jobs

With the death of Indy Car driver, Paul Dana, I am reminded that high risks jobs, such as race car drivers, stuntmen, and the military, there is always that potential for serious injury and sometimes even death. Being a professional stuntwoman, I have defiantly thought about this. Yesterday at work I got a fat lip and cut my face some (I will write more about this once the show airs in a few weeks). Not a big deal but I am reminded that injuries happen in high risk jobs.

My dad has always said "Never do a stunt once that you wouldn't do twice." Being a stuntwoman is a dangerous job and getting injured is always a possibility. However, for me, at this point in my life I can't imagine doing anything else even with my fat lip.
Picture: We took this picture after my face got cut up then cleaned by the on set medic. You can't see from this picture but inside my mouth is black and blue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Heather--I just watched the new LOST this eve, with several friends, and I have some concerns. Is the show waning in ratings? I know the popular culture buzz surrounding the show is shrinking, and tonight several folks talked about how they're ready to give up on it. Even after the promos promising five big reveals, we couldn't identify anything really conclusive--one reveal at most. As we talked about the show, some were bothered that there have been no solutions whatsoever to anything. Some even feel like they're wasting time watching it anymore (and these are all folks like me who have watched it from day one). There really are no payoffs anymore, and the cliffhangers (and the upcoming finale, we imagine) only seem to raise more issues instead of answering anything. I'm not asking for any secrets or spoilers, but will ANYTHING be resolved anytime soon? Something's gotta happen soon or the show is going to keep losing people. Anymore, I'm apt to watch Idol and record LOST since it seems more happens there, and that's kind of sad!

Dusty said...

Woah Girl, you're hard core! can't wait to see that happeneds in the new episode. Your stunts are for Ana-Lucia in this one yea? kisses sweety!

Heather Arthur said...

I appreciate that you think I have anything to do with Lost as a show except the few seconds when my body flies across camera. The truth is I have no idea what is going on, but isn’t that what makes Lost great? We are experiencing the confusion and unknown WITH the characters on the island. I bet Lock or Jack or Kate or whoever would like to know what is going on with the island. That is what the show is about, at least to me.

The truth is a lot has been resolved. If you were to watch any of the shows from last season you would realize how much we have learned. The beauty of the show is how they answer some questions and bring up more. For example, only a year ago we didn’t know what was in the hatch, we didn't know that there were multiple hatches, we didn’t know what crime Kate commited, we didn’t know who the girl in the bar at the airport was that Jack was getting a drink with and on and on. Thanks for your comments.



Will Thornburg said...

Hey Heather - Big Will here - Send me your email addr. I'm planning a trip to Hawaii and I don't know what island you guys are on. We definitely want to see you guys while were there! Trip would be in Dec. 06.

If you can't figure out how to contact me via my empty blog, just call Little Will and leave your email addr with him.