Thursday, March 16, 2006

Re-runs Explained

I get so many calls from people upset about how many re-runs Lost airs. I found a great Lost blog that has a good explanation. Here is an excerpt:
"I find the outrage that people express whenever Lost is a repeat to be pretty funny. It's almost as if these people have never watched a serialized network drama before. For the uninitiated, there's something like 40 weeks of programming during a typical network "season". Traditionally, a full season of any program is 22 episodes. Therefore, there are always 18 weeks of repeats each season- or 18 weeks when the show is not on. That's right, almost 50% of the time."
Since I can't talk about what is going on with the show before the shows air for fear of losing my job, this is a good blog that gets you to think about what is really going on with the island. I encourage you to check it out.


Anonymous said...

I still like it better the way they do sopranos and 24 - all in a row. I'd rather have a long break than a series of little breaks with several repeats in a row.

BTW, is there any logic to which episodes they repeat and when they do? Are we strategically being given a reminder of a storyline we need to remember for the upcoming new episode?

Heather Arthur said...

As veiwers it is better to have no breaks but for me it is better to have lots of reruns because I get paid again!

As for which shows they rerun, I am not sure. One would think there is logic in all that they do, but who knows.