Thursday, March 09, 2006

Summer Plans

As we near the end of shooting for season 2 of Lost Jon and I are faced with 3 months off. We are finished filming in the beginning of May and have decided to head out to LA to look for other stunt work when this season wraps. We are not too sure where we are going to be living yet so if you know anyone who would love to have the cutest couple ever stay with them for a few months let me know.

It is a whole new world in LA as far as stunts are concerned. I can't wait for the new challenge. It will be fun to see our friends again and continue getting connected with the LA stunt community.

A few questions I need help on:
  1. Do I go back to my blonde hair during the summer and just have them wig me for stunts next year or do I stay a brunette? Oh the dilemma! I guess the real question is will I get more work as a blonde or a brunette?
  2. Do I use my dad's last name since he is very well known in the stunt world or do I use both my maiden and my married last name or do I use just my married last name and not capitolize on my name sake? Heather Vendrell Arthur, Heather Arthur Vendrell or just Heather Arthur???


sj said...

1) Go back to blonde, see if that help s you get more work, if it doesn't just dye it again.

2) Princess Heather Vendrell Arthur, Esq.

NanaMary said...

ditto...especially the Esq. :)