Saturday, March 06, 2010

Work and houses

Jonny and I have been busy with work and shopping for a new house. We have been looking for a new house for what seems to be forever. It seems every house on the market is a short sale and it takes forever to get an acceptance from the bank. We are not in a hurry but would love to buy sooner than later since we have been actively looking since July. We just finished remodeling the kitchen in our current house in hopes it will help us get a great renter. It turned out really nice.

Jon leaves next weekend for Atlanta for 3-4 weeks for a movie. I will be there on and off with him. I have been working on getting the footage to update my stunt reel. It is a huge process and I have a lot left to get but I just put together an updated stunt reel with the footage I do have. I am having a tough time deciding what song I like better so I uploaded both versions and sent it along to my family to see what they like better. Here are the two links.


V-random said...

wow heather, you get straight f'ed up in that video! i like both versions- i think it depends on if you're trying to market yourself as just hardcore (the white zombie one) or as just a badass cute chick that also happens to be tough (the barbie one)

- V

Tyrone Swopes said...

That was a good decision to make improvements in your kitchen, Heather. Usually, renovations before putting up the house on sale give big ROI when it's finally sold. How's your house shopping? I hope you get to purchase a house before someone purchases yours, because that will be a big problem when that happens!