Thursday, July 29, 2010

Catching up...

LIfe has a strange way of taking you in new and different places. Our stunt careers started on Lost and in May the show ended but our careers have never been stronger. It is so funny that people who know we do stunts and are not in the business really only think we worked on that show when actually as the years went by we worked on the show only here and there. Just enough to keep our elite status with United airlines. Since we started on that show 5 years ago our lives have changed in so many ways.

When we moved to Hawaii to follow our dreams of becoming stunt people we had no idea in just 5 shorts years almost to the day Jon would be offered a job as the new producer on the hit ABC show Wipeout and that I would have won the award for best stunt by a woman. Really amazing feats since it can take years just to get your union card to even start working.

Four years ago after living in Hawaii for a year under the wing of my father and the comfort of his help he gently pushed us out of the nest and told us we had to move to LA in order to further our careers. Well as life happens, we found our self with two cars being stolen and homeless for a time living in a hotel room until we could find a place to live. We ended up living in a place that had mold on the bathroom walls. When my mother in law came to visit (a woman who doesn't like to camp) told us we needed to move. Well we saved and saved and two years ago bought a townhouse.

In May we closed on another house with a view to die for and most importantly a pool to play in and jump off our roof. We kept our townhouse and rented it out the executive producer of Wipeout. When he came to look at the house I answered the door in a gown I was trying on for the stunt awards. I apologized and explained that we were getting ready for the stunt awards. This started a dialog with us about stunts and our jobs. He ended up becoming our new tenant and loved Jonny so much he offered him a job as a producer to work with him on Wipeout noteing that his business degree and stunt experience made him perfect for the job.

Since May 1st we bought a house, I won a stunt award, we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary, and Jon became a producer. I think the biggest feat of all is our wonderful marriage and amazing life together. We really have had the best time together and I am so happy to have such a great person to share the many ups and downs of life.

I now sit on a plane headed to Puerto Rico to work with Jon on a movie. Life really is amazing!


Mack said...

congratulations on all your success. i'm so glad my friend, megan cort, directed me to your blog. it's been great watching it all happen.

Anonymous said...

Amazing, yes....surprising, no! There has never been a doubt in my mind that two such smart, talented and beautiful people (ok...I'm biased) would take the world by storm! I expect nothing less from you. May God continue to bless you, not only in your careers but with wonderful friends, family and hopefully, sometime soon...children (did I say that??!!) Love you guys, Mom

The Ruzyla Family said...

You guys are amazing. So glad that everything is going so well. Enjoy every moment :-).