Thursday, September 22, 2005

How good was Lost!

I am sure you all watched the season 2 premiere of Lost last night :) Jon and I were not in that one, because we didn't get out to Hawaii in time, however, we were on set for the last scene in the hatch (yes, that means we knew what was in the hatch weeks ago). It is always funny when you are on the other side of the camera and then you watch how they edit the scene together. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Jack" (Matthew Fox) say "Where is Kate, where's Kate!"

If you liked the season premier just wait. I was reading one of the upcoming scripts and I began yelling out loud "No way, No way!" It just gets better. I think it would be hard if you didn't watch last season. Keep watching and I promise you will get sucked in.

Now I can say that Jon will be doubling the new character, Desmond, the guy in the hatch, in upcoming episodes. Jon is a great double for him. Jon is in next weeks episode, sort of. He works during some of the raft scenes (not for Desmond) but you can't see him...directly. We are both doing our first camera stunt in two weeks (episode 3).

You can read more about the season premier here.

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Riley's mom and dad said...

Hey Heather we are so excited to see episode 3... I am hooked on the show and I didnt even watch all of last season but it is very suspenseful ... I think it makes it that much better knowing someone who is in it!!!
Miss you guys
~the Smiths