Friday, September 30, 2005

All dressed up

Sorry I haven't written for a few days. I haven't been by a computer because I spent the last few days dangling from the trees. Yes, I now get paid to climb around in the trees. Here is a picture of me in full costume and another picture of all the stunt people I worked with this week. (From Left to right: Mike Trisler (rigger for the day and Saywer's stunt double), Mike Vendrell (my dad and the stunt coordinators), Jon (rigger for the day, Desmond's stunt double and my husband), Me, Rand (Mike's stunt double), Dan Kim (Jin's stunt double), and Will (the new character's stunt double). I have more pictures of this week at work but I can't post them until after the show airs in one month from now because it may give some clues away. No, I am not that tan. They have to paint my skin to match the actress. I am also not that dirty, they spray brown stuff on me to make me look dirty. It is fun to get all dress up. I work again a few days next week. I have some fights, some falls and some water stuff coming up. I just can't belive they pay me to play.


Carissa Arthur said...

Heather! I am glad to hear it is not real dirt. This sounds so fun! I wish I was there to see you in action, especially because I am now addicted to the show. PS If you get a chance, tell Matthew Fox I loved him as Charlie on Party of Five!

Riley's mom and dad said...

Hey Heather you look like
ONE HOT MAMA ... and sounds like you are having a ton of fun also. Thanks for posting the pictures they were very fun to see!

diggerchronicles said...

What's in the coolers?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had to enlarge the picture to realize they were the stunt doubles! They do a good job! I have the extras disc for Lost from Netflix and started watching it last night. Hopefully you guys will be in the season 2 special features!


Heather Arthur said...

We will be in the extra disc for season two. The camera guy for the extras was on set last week when we were doing this stunt. It should be pretty cool, but we will have to wait a whole year until that comes out.