Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The last few days

We are finally starting to make some head way on dealing with being robbed. As of yesterday, we now have access to money. Yah! It has taken this long to actually obtain access to our bank account. I can't believe it has taken so long but at least we now have it. I also received a letter saying that we should get our new Social Security cards in two weeks. Once, I have that I can get a drivers license/photo ID. In the mean time I just have to use my pass port in the wrong name and my marriage certificate.

Jon left on Monday to head back to work. He gets home today. He only had to work a few days this week, which is nice.

Yesterday, compliments of dad and Stephanie, I had my first facial. It rocked. I have never had a facial before, so this was such a treat.

We just bought the first season of Lost, which came out on DVD yesterday. I am excited to catch up on the show. I guess you could call it homework.

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Jersey Mom said...

A facial, that's great. Now when we go to DePasquale's we'll have to get massages and facials! You are so spoiled, don't you love it!

We got our DVD yesterday also. I'm sure it's going to take us two weeks to watch it.

Missing you guys...take care of each other.