Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Car Hit

Could you tell where I was in the show last night? I was Kate's stunt double when her and the marshall where in the car and they swerved to miss the horse and ran into the telephone pole. I then kicked the marshall (Mike Trisler was his stunt double) out of the car and drove away. It was a little scary and exciting sitting in a car knowing we were going to crash into a telephone pole on purpose.

Trisler was driving when we hit the pole and I had to push the button to make the air bags go off. There was no movie magic we really hit the pole and actually almost knocked it over.

I had my teddy bear in the car with me. Here is a picture of me with Snuggles. I have started a tradition, he will always be in the car with me when I do car stunts. I have had Snuggles since I was about 2.

Jon was shooting for the extended DVD that night (you can see the camera in his hands in the picture). The guy who usually does it was out of town so they asked Jon to shoot that night. He did a great job.
(Pictures from top to bottom: Me in wardrobe outside the honey wagons; Jon, Mike Trisler (the marshall's stunt double), Me, Ashley (Trisler's 8 month pregnant wife), my Dad; Me with Snuggles)

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Jersey Mom said...

I think it is pretty ironic that when you started your blog you chose the title "Like no one is watching" because now "everyone is watching"!!!

I have to admit I was a bit nervous about your doing this stunt. I'm glad Mike and Snuggles were able to keep you safe. You all did a great job!

Ok, do lots more stunts so the Edgewood fan club can scream at the TV when we know it's you!