Thursday, May 04, 2006

Did you see me on the show last night?

What a doozy of a show last night, huh? I was in the show last night doubling Ana Lucia when she got hit in the face with the fruit bowl by Henry Gale and then got strangled and thrown around. That darn brake away bowl is what cut my face. We use a special kind of porcelain plate so that it shatters when it hits me. The first two takes we (the actor who plays Henry and I) did it great. We were supposed to have the bowl hit me in my hair line so it wouldn't cut me, well on take three (the last take) the plate accidentally hit my face straight on. It was a really fun scene to work on. Michael Emerson (the actor who plays Henry who Jon doubles) is such a great actor so when he was strangling me and looking at me with those intense eyes, it wasn't hard to act scared and struggle.

I also worked on the day when Sawyer and Ana Lucia had their fight that turned into a love scene but the actors ended up doing it them self. I am glad they didn't use me it would have been really weird to do. :) Incase you couldn't tell when it was me here are two pictures from the show last night that is me.

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