Sunday, May 07, 2006

I'll Miss Michelle

As you should all know (stop reading now if you haven't seen last weeks Lost) Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez) was killed off the show on Wednesday's episode of Lost. I have been Michelle's stunt double all year on the show and have loved every minute of it. She was great to work with. Every time I saw her she made sure to give me a big hug and after my stunts she always told me that I did a great job. As a stunt girl you can't ask for anything else out of your actresses. She is super fun and friendly to everyone on set and I know that she will be missed by all. I am sure we will hang out in LA.

Before she left Hawaii some of the crew threw her a going away party. It was invite only and Jon and I got to go. It was great fun. Everyone we worked with showed up to show their support for her. There was an open bar and lots of food. It was a great time.

Here are some pictures taken the day we filmed the scene when I got hit in the face with the bowl (last weeks episode) and the only day all year that Jon and I got to do stunts together. Although they ended up not using Jon in the scene. This is also the last day I did any stunt for Michelle on Lost.


Brian said...

Hmmm - so it sounds like those alleged rumors of Michelle being "distracting" to the cast are pretty far from the truth.

This is the last time I trust anything I ever read on the Internet!

(Except for your Blog)

Dusty said...

I was compleatly SHOCKED when she was shot! omg. :( She looks so cute and fun in your pics, but on flim she looks very pissed. Guess thats just her character. Sounds like you are still having a blast down here. Damn I wish I could come visit you. Hope all is well... kisses

controversleigh said...

Thank you for helping spread the truth about Michelle. She is possibly one of the most publicly misunderstood and bashed celebs around and tiny little nuggest like this help dispute that false image a little bit at a time. Great read, great pics. If you would not mind me using these pics on her Official site, I'd love to add them. Let me know at


Amy said...

Thank you so much. This made my night. So nice to hear that Michelle was well loved on the set of Lost and will be missed. I miss her on the show tremendously.