Thursday, May 18, 2006

Screen Credit

When we were watching Lost last night we saw our names quickly on the credits at the end of the show. We both looked at each other with a confused look on our faces. First off, stunt men don't get screen credit on TV and even if they decided to just add our names for fun (which they would never do), we weren't in this episode. This morning when I woke up I watched the show on the Lost website and noticed we got screen credit for Production Staff. I think that is so funny because I have never worked in the production office. Perhaps they are giving us credit because we (Jon, myself and Mike Trisler) are the three main stunt people on the show and double most of the characters. Who knows but it is funny.(The other names are: four hair and make up people, one camera guy and one other stunt guy.)


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!!! lol

Anonymous said...

thats awesome! lol