Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Wrap Party

We had the wrap party for Lost on Sunday even though we weren't quite finished filming yet. It was a very fun party. There was two open bars and lots of good food. They had a band set up for the first part of the party and a great DJ for the second part (he played Madonna Like a Virgin and Funky Cole Medena, two of my favorite 80s songs). At the end of the party they had a bloopers video of the second season that was funny. It was a great way to end out the season of Lost.

On Tuesday we are headed to LA. We are tying up the lose ends here in Hawaii this week before we leave. The good thing is we know we will be back in no time. Jon and I aren't on Lost until the finale in two weeks. I have tons of pictures from filming the finale I will post after the show airs.

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