Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Aloha From Hawaii!!

Greetings from the Aloha State. Jon and I arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Stephanie (my step-mom) gave us a tour of our new town. Kona is so cute. We live up on a hill over looking the water. We have our own little apartment that is so great. It is nice to have our own space. The apartment isn't much smaller than the cottage we lived in on Bainbridge. The weather here rocks. My skin feels so nice but my hair does not like to stay straight which I guess is good since the girl I will be doubling has wavy hair like mine. I will have to say good bye to my straightening iron for the time being.

Wednesday night we are flying to Honolulu. Thursday morning we will be going to the set for the first time to meet everyone. I will be going to the hair department to find out if I need to cut and dye my hair dark brown. I won't mind if I have to, it would be kind of fun to see myself with brown hair. Dad says I will be a great double for Eva. I guess I will find out when I meet her on Thursday.

Thanks for all your continued prayers.


Riley's mom and dad said...

Hey heather will be praying for you guys on Thursday!!!! I am glad to hear you like your place, you should take a picture and put it on your blog!!! Well keep us posted! Dont forget that
Love Shannon

Aunt Mary said...

Thanks for blogging so quickly after arriving...it helps those of us who are missing you. So glad you like the island and your little place...we will be praying for you on Thursday and know you and Jon will be awesome!!!

Mallory said...

haha thats how I felt when I visited Jersey, the humidity was horrible.