Monday, August 15, 2005

Doubling Another

I am now going to be doubling another girl on the show. She is new this season. I wasn't sure I could share who it was but I guess the media and such already know. I will be doubling for Michelle Rodriguez. My first stunt should be next week sometime.

Jon and Dad are headed out tomorrow morning to go back to Honolulu to work. They will be gone all next week. I may be flying out to color my hair but I am not sure yet.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to hear that you will be doubling for yet another cast member. You are going to be one busy lady. Enjoy every minute of this adventerous experience.

Brunette, may start to look more like an Arthur!

Words can't begin to tell you how proud and excited we are for the both of you.

Love you...miss you...
Jersey Mom

Anonymous said...

hey baby! guess who crawled out from under a fijian rock and learned to use a computer? congrats to you and the J-man for your BM (big move, silly)!! this blog thing makes you sound real s-m-a-r-t and growed-up. very impressive. ;)

i am sooo excited about the work you'll be doing. just remember--tell them no cliff jumping or full frontal. that's what i do. ;) you'll make a rockin' brunette. and--most importantly--i hear kona makes a good cuppa coffee, so i know you'll be happy. talk soon
~ love darcy kay